By understanding contemporary human behavior, I've noticed humans using techniques both physical and in a digital realm to avoid and not encounter those they choose - for whatever reason... Which is how Void formed.

This method is already being done, with a series of hacks using multiple products and tactics which involve (extreme amount synonym) of tasks to figure out where someone may be, or if anyone is around them that they may not want to (encounter synonym).

Void's strength is in the technology, which harnesses multiple APIs that do the heavy lifting of the products which people are using to hack together a method to avoid others. Void allows users to set a "Safety Bubble" in metres of their liking, and allows for creating a "Void List" of those who the user is wishing to avoid. Using Facebook's API, we can gather user location and a friends list, but of course, you can add non-Facebook users as well. Once someone on this list encounters the safety bubble, a notification will allow the avoider to seek refuge in a safe location. Utilizing the Foursquare API, Void can offer up suggestions of locations in which to hide in, based on your location.

Enjoy avoiding the world.


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